Microsport 1967 Cougar

One kit two reviews

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Never before have we had two revues of a single kit arrive within a couple of days. The Microsport Cougar seems to have sparked an enthusiasm that suggests further TRANS AM subjects should follow Because of the interest we have decided to include both revues and also a note at the end from the manufacturer.


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by Michael Stucker > Here by Chuck Livingston > Here

Comments From David Ferguson Of Microsport

Hi, Peter, and thanks for contacting me. And yes, the model is closer to 1/48th than 1/43rd...the size was something (along with the windshield pillars) that I couldn't change as the kit is based upon an existing diecast (i.e. an old Lesney Super Matchbox). It was originally conceived as a "stand-alone" model - I didn't really care at the beginning what size other manufacturers had made their models....(I care a bit more now, I can tell you that!) I'd have made sure it was a true 1/43rd scale if I were to do it over again and in retrospect I might've made a goof by going ahead with it, but hey - it's my first attempt at a kit! Future models will have CAD patterns and will be dead accurate....in the meantime, I'm fairly happy with the actual quality of the kit and it is an easy build with accurate detailing, so the kit is still good value for the money. Thanks again for getting in touch and I'll look forward to hearing from you in the future....
Best Regards,
David Ferguson