Southern Cross Miniatures Mercedes 300 SLR Le Mans 1955 - Part II: Build Report

by Peter Radcliffe

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Initially when I started to build this kit I had some slight feelings of disappointment. Not that there was particularly anything wrong with the kit but it just did not seem up to the quality of what we have come to expect from Southern Cross in the past. I did however revise these feelings when I found an old Kager Edition 300SLR I have been meaning to build for some years. 


The Southern Cross kit is although very similar in shape a huge step up in the way of detail and quality of parts. In fact I included some of the Southern Cross spare parts and decals on the earlier model to make the 21 car shown in the picture. I think the initial feelings of disappointment were rather comparing the Mercedes with the Birdcage and Talbot and these are really rather more spectacular subjects with visible space frame chassis and cycle wings respectively. When one sits down and studies the kit particularly when one compares it with what else is available this is without out doubt the finest kit of this subject available today.
I look forward to the next two issues from Southern Cross, The Aston Martin Project 214 and the open 1957 Maserati 450s.

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