Southern Cross Miniatures Mercedes 300 SLR Le Mans 1955 - Part I: Kit Review

by Peter Radcliffe

This is typical of Southern Cross kits. The kit is beautifully packed, the delicate resin steering wheel is protected and the resin and white metal parts are separately packed in small resealable bags.


The cast parts are produced by CMA who are possibly the best in the business, the masters from which they are produced are outstanding and the result is a set of parts that require almost no preparation for painting. The decals look superb particularly the "tartan" seat decals. The photo etch is also to a very high quality and plaques are provided for all three team cars. There is a vac form for the headlight covers and also the instrument dials are printed onto acetate as in previous Southern Cross kits. The airbrake can be positioned in the up or down position and I think with care it might be possible to create a "working" air brake. There are also three sides of comprehensive instructions, which if followed carefully should present no problems.



It is perhaps not so complicated as the Birdcage or Talbot from the same manufacturer but the kit features the same fine attention to detail and the initial dry build and painting suggest this will be a very satisfying build with a fine end result. Well done Southern Cross. The build report and finished pictures will appear in the next issue.


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