Closed Wheelers

MARSH MM88 Porsche 917/30 Brian Redman 1974

by Peter Radcliffe 2005

The 917/30 was effectively ruled out of the Can Am series in 1974 when the organisers created a 3mpg rule. However at Mid Ohio Brian Redman appeared and won the heat and placed second in the final. The kit will also build the 1973 championship-winning car of Mark Donohue.

Marsh kits have come a long way in recent years, the white metal and resin castings are superb and the photo etch has always been class leading. Gone are the days when panel lines looked as if they had been carved with a blunt chisel and try as I might I can find nothing to criticise on this kit.

Instead it is praise that is offered as John has exercised considerable thought in how to produce this car in a builder friendly way. Many years ago I built the Starter version of the kit and while generally pleased with the result the Yellow areas were all decal and were an absolute nightmare to apply. Indeed John was concerned with this problem when he first decided to produce the kit and the early kits used a paint mask.

He has now come up with a better solution as the yellow louvers and centre section are now cast as separate parts as can be seen in the pictures. This should be the perfect solution to an awkward problem.

This should be a superb model when completed and I foresee no problems as all the parts seem to dry fit well. As usual the instructions are simple and clear and include the now expected colour chips. The decals also appear to be very fine. Well done Marsh Models.

The completed model is the Starter kit, pictures of the Marsh version will appear in the future.

Early Sunoco version > Here