Closed Wheelers



by Peter Radcliffe 2005

The BRM 154 was a another BRM that failed to deliver The car designed by Tony Southgate and powered by a Chevrolet V8 first appeared at Mosport driven by George Eaton. It showed promise qualifying 8th but unlike the all conquering McLarens of the period it was late and lacking in testing and development. However by the last race of the season Pedro Rodriguez had joined the team with a second car and at Riverside finished 3rd the cars best result. In 1971 BRM returned briefly with another under developed Can Am 167 but it too disappeared from the scene as BRM itself would do soon after.


The kit is very much what we have come to expect from Marsh Models, an excellent resin body with resin tyres and wheel centre inserts. The remaining parts as can be seen from the pictures are excellently cast white metal or turned parts with the now expected wealth of photoetch. There are decals by Zanchetti for both the Eaton Mosport car and Pedros Riverside car.


The instructions are the usual style Marsh instructions and appear clear and simple. The main parts fit very well when a trial dry fit was carried out so I see no reason why a fine finished model should not be achieved.

The BRM 154 has previously been produced by Kaiser and the shapes are very similar, the Marsh body differs slightly in the profile of the front wings and the shape of the carb inlet on the rear deck. There are one or two other very minor differences. The real difference between the two kits is in the detail photoetch of the Marsh kit and also the Marsh kit shows one or two extra decals. Thus we have two very accurate versions of the same car, having built the Kaiser kit I can highly recommend that kit if you want an easy straightforward build but if you want to spend extra time and enjoy the photoetch interior go for the Marsh. I built the Kaiser Rodriguez car so this I will build as the Eaton Mosport version. Thank you John a fine addition to my Can am ranks.