Closed Wheelers

The Bristol 450 #38 Le Mans 1953, a Provence Moulage kit

by Roger Dutemple 2004


Entered at Le Mans 1953 by Bristol Aeroplane Co. this car had an engine 6 on-line cylinders of 1979 cm3. It was drive by Tommy Wisdom and Jack Fairman. It abandoned at the 10th hour of race on accident. Provence Moulage reproduced faithfully this car by a simple resin kit a few years ago.


The kit and building

The kit consists of a body in resin, a cluster in resin including the chassis, the steering wheel, 2 seats, a dashboard and 5 inserts for wheel rims, 5 solft tires, 5 wheel rims in turned alu, 2 axles, 4 clear lights, a photoetched windscreen wiper, 2 screws, a pavement of thermo-formed windows, decals and a sheet of instructions.

The first stage consists in sanding all the parts in resin and filling the possible holes with some polyester putty.



After a fast clean up of the parts with acetone, the paint is applied to the various elements by following the instructions of the note. I used for the body the British green Tamyia TS9. I let dry the set during 4 days.


The wheels in 5 stages: I painted the inserts in silver, the bottom of the wheel rims in Humbrol Metal Cote 27003 Polished Gun Metal. After drying I polished the wheel rims with a cotton stalk, I stuck the inserts in the wheel rims then I assembled the tires on the wheel rim.



I glued on the chassis the 2 seats, the gear lever and the spare wheel.



I painted and stuck the steering wheel on the dashboard. To paint the wood of the steering wheel I used of the matt brown Humbrol 63 then I varnished it with Tamyia Orange Clear.


I painted in satin black the front air inlets and in silver the radiator.



I cut, adjusted and stuck the windows with some white glue from Tron. I stuck the dashboard with some epoxy glue to avoid the white tracks on windows obtained with cyano glue. I stuck wheels on axles and set up them under the body.



I screwed the chassis under the body.


I stuck the clear lights. I cut, adjusted and stuck glasses on front lights. I glued the windscreen wiper.


I put the decals according to the note. The most delicate part was the application of the number on the front grille. I made alterations of painting satin black on the decals. I painted the small details like the front indicators, the 2 belts of the hood, the rearlights and the 3 holes of the exhaust.



I polished the whole model with a polish without silicone as GS27. We obtain a more realistic shine than varnishing on the decals.

Take your time and the result will be amazing!