El Bentley en las pruebas de Le Mans 2003

por Peter Radcliffe



Tom Kristensen set a stunning fastest lap right at the end of the test session. It was still several seconds short of the fastest time set at the test last year but temperatures did not fall late in the day as usual and also the Pagani emptied its sump with 40 minutes to go just as the drivers were preparing for an attempt at fast laps. The car is very different to the 2001 and 2002 cars as can be seen in these pictures. Note in particular the new roof with its almost fin arrangement. The side profile is also a lot lower and the wing is similar to that found on last years Audi. It remains to be seen if its greater speed can make up for the restrictions imposed by its smaller fuel tank and narrower tyres than the open Audi R8R and other LMP900 cars.


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