El AUDI en Le Mans, Mayo 2003

por Peter Radcliffe


No works cars but these private cars have a measure of works support with technicians and mechanics from Audi and they are very keen to win again. Biela in the Audi UK car was first to find the Pagani oil and the car was heavily damaged without injury to Biela. Jan Magnussen set second fastest time at the test. A beaming Jan Magnussen in the paddock, said he was obviously very pleased with his time, only bettered by a flying Tom Kristensen in the last few laps. Jan is very pleased with his new team, and it is so much more fun to compete in a car with this potential. Before, he used to "maybe like" the track and almost always hate the event, because they were always so far behind. It is a completely different story with the Audi. The mix of Japanese and Germans in the team works very well, and it's such a joy to work with Japanese people, when you do something good.

The "new" section after Dunlop bridge is quite rough, especially where it joins the old track - and here you could not keep your foot down in the Panoz, or the tail started wriggling - whereas in the Audi its a different story.
Discussing the three R8s (Goh, Champion, Audi Sport UK), "we've got the fuel mileage advantage and the repairability factor of the Audi R8s," concluded Rod Bymaster, Motorsports Manager for Audi Sport North America.

Ulrich Baretzky, Head of Engine Technology, described the R8s as "our used cars," which are "fast, really fast. The drivers are experienced and the crews are xperienced. It was a very good performance throughout the day. The overall speed of the cars is good. These cars will be very competitive."

We shall have to wait and see the results in June they are reported undeveloped since 2002 other than engine work to cope with the smaller restrictors imposed since last year


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