TVR at the Le Mans 2003 Test Weekend

by Peter Radcliffe

Perhaps one of the most interesting from a model makers point of view, new cars at Le Mans this year is the TVR Tuscan. The styling is very interesting from the front door shut lines to the front and rear lights. The bonnet is also a mass of interesting curves with further nice details around the rear underbody. The engine is a straight 6 cylinder and at the test weekend they were running the engine with smaller restrictions than usual until the ACO confirm production numbers. This restriction should be lifted for the race but the engine had not been run in this configuration before and they managed to blow three of the normally reliable units. The good news was that they did manage enough laps for all the drivers to qualify for the race even if the times are not representative of those the car should do during the race week. The cars are being run by Hugh Chamberlain and they have a huge experience of Le Mans so they should be able to ensure the cars show well in June.


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