South West Model Cars News: Team Elite

by Peter Radcliffe


Pictures taken of the completed first prototype. A full review will follow in a future issue.


Team Elite Kit 4

This model is the "Team Elite" class winner of Wagstaff and Fergusson that finished 10th Overall in the 1963 Le Mans 24 hours.



The kit is resin and white metal with Photo etch detail parts. These pictures show the first parts to arrive for the test build which will also be used to produce the instruction sheet. It is hoped that as soon as the instructions are finished a kit will be reviewed by one of our contributors.

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SWMC will also shortly have stock of all three of the Bentley Embiricos range. Instructions are being prepared for Kit 2 the pre war road car shown below.

(Southwest Model Cars Bentley Embricos Kit #1 1949 Le Mans 24hrs)

SWMC Kit 3 is the third Bentley Embiricos kit and this will build the 1950 (shown here) and 51 Le Mans car and the later Road car.