New models from MG, Ferrari F1-2003 Ferrari 330P4, 1/12 scale

by Mario Covalski



The MG designer chief Mr. Alessandro Goracci had sent us photos of the latest issue of MG, which will be proximately on sell, the incredible Ferrrari 330 P4.

Enjoy these photos!


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MG have announced several new models, among them there are 1/12 scale  interesting ones ( and very expected), we are talking about the 2003 F1 car and the old sport prototype 330 P4. Both models are of the usual "new" high standard  MG provides, very well done with high quality resin and metal parts.

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330 will have assemble system which will use small screws, and the motor/transaxle will be beautifully detailed.

Here we are showing photos of both models during development, F1-2003 still have the rear suspension from 2002, but we will be able to see what MG offers at this time.

Also the Ferrari 126CK turbo from 1981 has been announced, the second Gilles' car. Personally I've been dreaming with this model for years, besides of hearing that this will be an amazing model!

Good work MG, keep up doing this beautiful models!

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