Lola T70 Mk3B GT, 1/8th Scale

from John Shinton Models

by John Shinton 2003

The development of this model started about eighteen months ago. Drawings were produced from photographs and measurements taken with access to an original car.


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The basic body Master Pattern was carved from Jelutong to the drawings and then refined by eye using books and photographs to get the appearance perfect.


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Lola1.jpg (34014 bytes)


The tyre masters were turned and an artwork drawn from a rubbing made on a real tyre, to produce a Photo-etched tread that was set into the patterns. Other major parts, such as the cockpit, were mastered in a variety of media.



At this stage the body pattern was sent away for its rubber mould to be made and a few sample resin castings were supplied. The body castings and the vac-forms for the windscreen, windows, and headlight covers are the only parts not made in house by myself and my son, Jody.

We now set about mastering all the detail parts, such as the wheel inserts, carbs, wiper, etc. These were all made in Brass or Aluminium. These parts, fifty-five in total, were sent away for three Vulcanised moulds to be made for use in our centrifugal casting machine.



We were now ready for production and three show models were built, in the colours of Sidney Taylor Racing, Jo Bonnier and Paul Hawkins Racing. We showed the Sidney Taylor car to the man himself, and he bought it there and then.

The bodies, cockpits and other larger parts are cast in resin, and all smaller metal details are cast in Pewter and polished. There is also a certain amount of Photo-etched detail, like seat harness buckles, and rivets round the windows and headlight covers. The basic model is mounted on a wooden base, although a glass case is available as an option.

The models are available in several of the colour schemes as raced in the late 1960's, and we also make customised models of peoples own car or their favourite car, with alternative mirrors, harness colours, spoilers, etc.

They can also be made in any colour scheme with logos of your choice.

 Paul Hawkins' car
Hawkins 2.jpg (44025 bytes) Hawkins cockpit L.jpg (19388 bytes) Hawkins cockpit r.jpg (28249 bytes) Hawkins 3.jpg (37598 bytes)
 Jo Bonnier's car
Lola Bonnier base 1.jpg (42406 bytes) Detail engine 1.jpg (19457 bytes) Detail headlight.jpg (16919 bytes) Lola Bonnier rear base.jpg (39892 bytes)

 Sid Taylor's car

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Taylor rear base.jpg (39095 bytes)

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