Paddock TRK001 transkit

Jaguar XK 120 Le Mans 1950

by Rodney Rawlings


Manufacturer: Paddock

Jaguar XK 120
Kit number: TRK001

Anyone who has viewed my "Ten of the best A personal view from...." on this site will already be aware that I am a fan of the white metal kits by AMR , Le Phoenix and Paddock Miniatures. I like their ruggedness, weight and above all the simply fine way they look when built.

This transkit consists of what I think I am correct in saying, is a no longer available AMR kit of an XK120 roadster and a bag of bits by Paddock to transform it into the XK120 which, driven by Peter Clark and Nick Haynes came 12th overall in the 1950 24 hours of Le Mans.

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The AMR kit comes in an old see through box in which all older AMR kits were supplied. The cast white metal body required quite a lot of filing and preparation. The rear number plate housing had to be filed away completely and a few other holes had to be filled in as they were not required for this version. New holes then had to be drilled for the petrol filler cap, front auxilliary lights, rear view mirror and aeroscreen. All these items are in the pack of replacement bits. A new transmission tunnel, new wheel inserts, rear bulkhead and seats are also supplied along with real leather straps for the bonnet (hood).


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After sanding and filling the body, I fitted the rear view mirror housing and aeroscreen base , then primed it ready for the final painting. Paddock supply a colour chip as a paint guide. We are lucky that Halfords, a motor spares supplier with a lot of branches throughout the UK, will now mix paints in small cans from a large number of colour chips available. I was able to obtain a perfect match for the supplied sample and had it mixed in a touch up can, not an aerosol, then airbrushed it. The results can be seen in the photos.


DSCN0580.jpg (39960 bytes)


The two front spotlights and bumper bar bolt fillers are also amongst the new bits. These were fitted along with the bonnet straps. The latter are assembled as per the real items by threading the leather through PE buckles. A bit fiddly, but thoughtfully other buckles are supplied so that a similar result can be obtained with less effort if necessary. 

The dashboard by AMR is superb, consisting of a PE part, on the back of which is fitted decals for the dials. There is also a tiny ignition key and separate fob. Quite nice………..if you can see it.

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In every way, this is a super combination kit, by two of the great white metal kit builders. I love it. Look at the photos and decide for yourself.


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