Historic photos

by Gary Horrocks



As a long time Ford fan and model builder, when I heard that Ford would be the featured marque for the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, I knew I would be there one way or another. While Ford was featured, the whole event was not just Ford, as racing cars of most every vintage and type were at the track in abundance. Just because a certain marque that you might not be interested in is featured, don't make that be a deciding factor on attending the event. There is something for most every fan at the event.


GT40.jpg (119144 bytes)

With this year being the 100th Anniversary of Ford, featuring them was a natural. And Ford went all out to ensure that they did not disappoint. Logically, emphasis was placed on the glory years of the '60's, with a multitude of Cobras and GT-40's present. Amazing to see was probably the largest assembly of GT-40 Mk4 (J- Chassis) cars ever seen. Le Mans 1967 featured four, but here we had six altogether. Also present were Chassis # 1075, the LM winner of 1968 and 1969, and also the first, second and third place cars from 1966.


The factory display was well done, show casing their many achievements in a nice and informative way without looking like an endless infomercial. About the only thing I would have liked to see were more of the European race cars, but I guess you just can't have everything.

In addition to the display, Ford also brought in and honored many personalities that been instrumental in building their heritage, and made them available to the fans during some autograph sessions. Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, George Folmer, Lloyd Ruby, Carroll Shelby and Parnelli Jones were among the many that were present and widely seen during the event. While it was not a major surprise that Jackie Stewart was there, it was a surprise to see him get in and drive his old Tyrrell. As he stated in an interview later, "Ken always told me to never drive an old race car. They'll get you somehow. Well, I hope Ken is smiling down on me now, but this car is better than what I remember driving back then. I think it might be classified as new." Amazing…


As stated earlier, there is always much more than just the featured marque at Monterey. Present was a large gathering of Bugattis, possible the largest ever. Different types and variations, but most all of them in that special French national light blue. Walk around, turn a corner, and there is Stirling Moss in a D-Type, turn another corner and there is a highly polished Lotus 11. Go a bit further and there is a long line up of Trans Am cars; Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds… You just never know what you will see next. Unfortunately, most of a day is spent walking the pits, looking at the machinery that seeing them out on the track becomes difficult. While I was there for two days, I never did get to see the F-1 cars on track. Oh well, maybe next year. Oh, and by the way, the rumour is that a certain Italian manufacturer that starts with an F is to be featured next year. Maybe it is time to get my reservations made for 2004…


1928 Bugatti T35C.jpg (161371 bytes) 1937 Bugatti LM winner.jpg (79186 bytes) 1966 Ginetta G-12.jpg (81447 bytes)
1928 Bugatti T35C 1937 Bugatt LM winner 1966 Ginetta G-12
1970 Dodge Challenger.jpg (77391 bytes) Trans Am Cougar.jpg (64001 bytes) 3 Porsche Abarths.jpg (120815 bytes)
1970 Dodge Challenger Trans Am Cougar Porsches - Abarths
56 Porsche 356A.jpg (84871 bytes) 60 Ferrari 250 SWB.jpg (54029 bytes) 62 Ferrari GTO.jpg (78732 bytes)
1956 Porsche 356A 1960 Ferrari 250 SWB 1962 Ferrari GTO
63 Jag E-Type.jpg (102337 bytes) 64 Sunbeam Tiger.jpg (64219 bytes) 77 Porsche 910.jpg (98654 bytes)
1963 Jag E-Type 1964 Sunbeam Tiger 1977 Porsche 910
A bunch of Bugs.jpg (159820 bytes) The heart of a Bugatti.jpg (145564 bytes) Classic Bugatti.jpg (94023 bytes)
A bunch of Bugattis The heart of a Bugatti Classic Bugatti
A newer Bugatti.jpg (118763 bytes) Big Block GT-40s.jpg (132904 bytes) Sebring winning mk 4.jpg (73385 bytes)
A newer Bugatti Big Block GT-40s Sebring winning MK 4
Cobras lead Vette.jpg (104344 bytes) Flip top Cobra.jpg (149306 bytes) Flip top Cobra Interior.jpg (122090 bytes)
Cobras lead Vette Flip top Cobra Flip top Cobra Interior
Ferrari.jpg (55769 bytes) Ford of France Daytona Coupe.jpg (60592 bytes) Jaguar D type.jpg (94620 bytes)
Lotus 11.jpg (122374 bytes) Moss.jpg (106016 bytes) Sebring 1962 MGB.jpg (152129 bytes)
Lotus 11 S. Moss Sebring 1962 MGB
58 Vette.jpg (106521 bytes) Lotus 49.jpg (127871 bytes)
1958 Vette   Lotus 49
Clarks 65 Lotus.jpg (95918 bytes) The Tyrrell set up.jpg (160074 bytes) Stewart in the Tyrrell.jpg (132915 bytes)
J. Clarks 65 Lotus   Stewart in the Tyrrell