1/24 Ferrari 308 GR.4 "Pioneer"

1982 Tour de Corse

by Lau Bak



Manufacturer: Racing 43

Metal kit, photo etched parts, rubber tires, clear windows and decal.
5 pages of assembly instructions included.
Kit number: Big.K 031

I used to build 1/24 plastic kits and this is my first metal kit. As a fan of rally and Ferrari, I can't resist the only prancing horse in world rallying, can't resist the special color scheme and simply because I can't resist the 308!

wpeD.jpg (5044 bytes)

The beautiful Ferrari 308 bodyline was accurately replicated. However the rough metal body needs many cleanup and sanding jobs in order to get a smooth surface.

wpeF.jpg (5545 bytes)

The photo-etched parts were divided into 3 pieces.
One was the lamp reflector set. It looks like pieces of jewel but I think they are too thin. I prefer a more conical reflector and single transparent lens, like those plastic kits did.
And it came with a seatbelt set too.

wpe11.jpg (6247 bytes)

As a curbside model, it is not necessary to give much underside detail, but under this chassis the detail lines and engine cover part surprised me.

wpe13.jpg (5438 bytes)

wpe1E.jpg (5054 bytes)

Two fog lamps were unused in this kit. The interior was quite detail, with those several parts and photo-etched parts. Just one big problem on the roll cage: How should I build them? There is no guide from the instruction and it's hard to imagine by looking at the two rods…and I have no reference at all!

wpe18.jpg (20551 bytes)

wpe20.jpg (10365 bytes)

The wheels were nice and were the best molded one in all the parts. I compared it with Hasegawa 1/24 Stratos' wheel. The metal one looks slightly bigger. Then I pre-assembled them. They look great

wpe22.jpg (9424 bytes)

The decal: It was very thin and almost has no excess film around. High quality. I had tried other decal from Racing 43 and now I have full confident to this one. Blue color decal was just for those around the rear fender. That means you have to get some blue paints to match the decal color.

Overall I was quite satisfied for the kit. (At lease for now) I don't sure how many works I need to handle the rough body shell. Well, looking at the real car reference photo and can always charge up!