Darth Vador arrives at Le Mans

by Peter Radcliffe


The New Lister Storm LMP900 is a very different looking car to the rest of the class. The designer Andy Thorby also created the LMP07 Panoz so perhaps we should not be too surprised. Unlike the Panoz, which failed in all its variants to live up to its looks the Storm showed very well in its first Le Mans appearance. Sebring electrical woes have been resolved and until the last few minutes when it stopped at Tetre Rouge it had no mechanical gremlins and times were coming down very nicely at the end the car finishing in 17th and well in touch with most of the LMP900 class. The car is powered by a Lister prepared and developed 5.990 litre Chevrolet engine which unlike the Panoz is in the rear of the car.


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