1938 Le Mans Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Coupe 

by Juan Madrazo Revilla



Manufacturer: Provence Moulage

Kit number: K0884

Driven by Raymond Sommer and Clemente Biondetti, this was the only Alfa presented in the 1938 edition of Le Mans .Itīs body was developed in Milan at Touringīs factory, with the technique called "Superleggera", the car was a true F1, disguised. The engine that was the same used for the Alfa 308, was an 8 cylinders on line???(2926cc), it comprised a compressor that developed 230 HP. Owing to itīs body lightness, this beautiful coupe would turn into a very fast vehicle.


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The Kit

As it happened with the old kits from Provence Moulage, here again you'll find a kit designed in a very simple way: body + chassis and seats + firewall. The body is great, very exquisitely detailed. The original shapes have been truly reproduced and its resin quality is good, free from flashes or flaws. As it was also usual, with other kits from this firm, the PE parts the kit supplied, such as the lateral windows frames, the hinges for the bonnet and windshields, were not only scarce but also ridiculously tiny, so I decided to replace them with others from ABC.

The decals are of good quality and trusty, but it would have been better if Provence would have supplied a PE part (as in the BBR model of the same car), instead of the decal to represent the front mesh for the bonnet, actually a pity! because the result would have been much more credible.
The vacuformed, is perfectly transparent with no wrinkles or "clouds "at all, and includes the windshield, the rear and side windows which don't fit well, this is why I recommend to use a flat sheet of acetate, since the PE frames are rightly accomplished.
Finally, the smart and wonderful spoke wheels, with very coarse tyres, too soft, showing coloring defects, therefore, I replaced them with others from BBR.


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In spite of all the comments reported above, everybody can get a very good result indeed, just by adding some small details such as:
Straps for the bonnet made out of tin foil
Strapsī buckles from Renaissance.
Wingnuts to adjust wheels from ABC.
Chromed screws, from Reinaissance ( they're, in fact, lights for the license plate)
Front lights from ABC.
Locks for the rear hood, spare parts from an AMR kit.
Door handles, they were also spare parts from a Carbone kit ( remember, everything can be useful, don't throw things away....).
Brake drums made in plasticard.
Exhaust tube made out of a hypodermic syringe used in veterinary.


And that's it!: a very simple and nice kit to be assembled with no problems of fit encountered. The ratio quality/price is not bad at all. A good choice for beginners, willing to make modifications or changes on their own. Of course, the real car is certainly beautiful!.


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