Model Factory Hiro 1/24th 250TR

by Chris Webb



When I first got word that a full detail Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was being released I knew I must have one. Not only is it one of my all time favorite cars but having seen photos of the kit on the Internet, it was obvious it was a very good kit. I was not disappointed.


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The body and chassis are resin and the remainder of the parts, including the hood and trunk lid, are metal. This is a very heavy model. All the cast metal ancillaries have almost non-existent mold lines and require very minimal clean up. The fit of the parts is as good as any Tamiya kit and the wheels and Englebert tires are the best I've seen. 

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The body proportions look dead on, which certainly can't be said of the Renaissance 1/24th and MG Models 1/12th scale kits. Having built them both, there is no comparison to this wonderful kit. The six-page instruction sheet is very comprehensive and includes a parts list and decal placement guide.


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I chose to build this car as an ex-racer streetcar. The body was painted with Duplicolor Harvard Blue metallic. The chassis and interior floor were painted with Duplicolor Charcoal metallic and the seats are Tamiya flat black. Wheels were sprayed with dull-coat lacquer by Testor's, and the Englebert lettering was dry brushed with Polyscale flat white acrylic paint.


My only complaint with this kit is the visibility of the chassis attachment screws. I used pieces of .020-inch thick plastic sheet to cover the front screws and photo-etched discs for the rears.


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I was unable to use the tubes for the spark plug wires. They were just too darn small to fit six wires in! I left them off and replaced the black kit supplied wires with yellow Detail Master wires. Detail Master vacuum advances were drilled out and mounted to the firewall to represent ignition coils. A battery cover was fashioned from thin aluminum sheet and a photo-etched disc was added to the radiator cap. The remainder of the kit is basically built out of the box.


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There is a wealth of very small photo-etched pieces, including four headlight cover clips for each light and various sized rivet heads that aren't mentioned in the instructions that weren't used. My hands aren't steady enough for such things. I hope to someday see one of these kits with all the extra little bits installed, but I'm afraid it won't be mine!

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