Axel'R Willys Interlagos

by Rodney Rawlings 

Here we have a simple yet effective model of the Willys Interlagos, which, we are told, Emerson Fittipaldi drove to 2nd place in the 1964 24hrs of Brasilia. This is an obscure subject, typical of makers like Axel'R and CCC, but I'm sure it fills a gap to the Fittipaldi collector. Our hobby would be the poorer without these fine imaginative people.


PICT0002.jpg (50084 bytes)

The box contains a blemish free prepainted body, resin chassis and seats, and white metal wheels. There is also a small photo etch sheet and a clear but rather thick vac form.

Preparation required was minimal. The chassis, interior and air intakes were painted black and although the bumpers and window surrounds could have been painted silver, I chose to apply Bare Metal Foil.

This kit would be a good one for the newcomer to kit building because of it's simplicity but make no mistake when completed, it is very pleasing to the eye. The minimum in the way of tools etc., are required. The paraphernalia, which is generally accumulated when tackling modern high detail kits, is not necessary.
By the way, the only minus point was the tyres. They are poor and almost impossible to get onto the rims. I had to resort to my spares box to solve the problem. Hey, few kits are perfect, neither are the critical builders!