Porsche 911 GT2 "Wolinski "

 Le Mans 1998

by Raphael D'hahier


I went in Le Mans in 1998 and I discovered a very particular car with a funny decoration, when I saw this model to Provence Moulage kit I decided to built it.

It's a very simple kit in Provence Moulage's standard with bodyshell, cockpit and dashboard in resin, the wheel inserts are photo-etch.
The more important work with this model is decal with cover all the bodyshell.

I sprayed the model with white primer only, I didn't use other colour, and I started to apply the blue decal . The decals reacted well with Solvaset to help sit on the body and form to all the curves.
After the decal was dry I applied 2 coats of clear acrylic to get a uniform aspect.

I painted details of bodyshell with Humbrol semi gloss black, and I painted the interior with the same colour, I did the seatbelts in matt red, and the details in silver.

Before assembling chassis and body, I applied the rest of decals and I sprayed one coat of clear acrylic.

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Editors note

This Wolinski art car must have been one of the most outstanding ever to race at Le Mans. Every time you look you find something else of interest. A real "night on the tiles". I built one for a friend and the decals took 14 hours! I still have one to build for myself but after building 8 Racing for Holland Domes in recent weeks I think I will build a few 50's sportscars.