Le Mans Test 2002 brief highlights II

Le Mans Aero Morgan

by Peter Radcliffe


Morgan returned to Le Mans 40 years after its last race in 1962 when Chris Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Barron finished 13th overall and won the two litre class. The irony of this result was that the same car was rejected by the organisers in 1961, as they said it was too old fashioned!


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The Morgan still retains much of its traditional style and the organisers had to make exemptions for the car in certain areas of the class rules, example the windscreen width which is less than the specified percentage of the overall width but then not many cars these days feature running boards! The car used at the test weekend was the British GT car and the actual Le Mans car will have several mechanical changes. The car was troubled by its Mader tuned BMW engine and only completed 12 laps so sadly these are the only two on track pictures I managed to get. This is perhaps a year too early for this project and oh the last connection with 40 years ago? Chris Lawrence is the Team manager of the project.


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