SMTS Jaguar type D

model by Pascal Degre

                         text by Peter Radcliffe    

My first contact with Pascal was a request from him for some help in obtaining some decals for an SMTS D Type Jaguar. Some weeks later a picture arrived via e-mail and since then I have had fairly regular pictures and brief notes of his work.
Like many model makers he is overly modest about some of his skills, in this case his English in particular but he has promised that we will have a photographic story with notes on his latest project.
The D Type is a transformation of the SMTS kit with a Feeling Transkit and I think the pictures show what a fine result he has achieved.



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On the Pascal worktop 

The current project is his own conversion of the AMR Ferrari 290MM. The chassis is scratch built from brass tube and rod and he has cast his own opening panels for the body. These pictures are just a taster of what is to come.

290 MM.jpg (48274 bytes)

Pic00004.jpg (36166 bytes)

Pascal's work is just the first of several "superkits" we hope to feature on the site over 2002. More and more model makers are finding that 1:43rd scale offers as much detail and challenge as many larger scale kits, those from Luca Tameo are not beyond the average model maker.