Ferrari 512BB LM

Pozzi/JMS Racing Le Mans 1979

by Peter Radcliffe 

Provence Moulage 1982-2000-06-28

"Vingt ans de passion"

In 20 years Provence Moulage have produced over 1700 models. Le Mans has featured heavily in its lists and it is appropriate that a Le Mans subject has been chosen to commemorate 20 years of production.


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In general Provence kits have been generally simple and accurate, there have been criticisms but the majority of customers accept these small inadequacies if required can be improved with aftermarket products. Common complaints are a pin for the gearlever, stock steering wheels, tyres and lack of interior detail.


This is a super kit in all meanings of the word and is perhaps one of the finest resin kits I have seen. Where Tameo uses metal Provence use resin and the resin parts large and small are of very high quality. They are well sprued with many fine leads and the result is that there is hardly a blow to be seen and they are free of mould lines. The gearlever is a very fine cast resin piece, the steering wheel is a photo etch centre and resin rim, the tyres are proper slick tyres and there is a wonderful amount of interior detail including internal door panels. The photo etch includes foot pedals, seatbelt hardware brake discs and much more.

The decals no longer printed by Virage look clear and in good register. The instructions again are a great improvement on days of old and appear clear and comprehensive. Provence now include two sets of Vac form parts and they are thin and very transparent, please other manufacturers take note and include a spare set of vac forms.

I have yet to build the kit but close inspection leaves me searching for something to moan about, there is even a driver figure. If I have to try to find just a small complaint it is the box, just a plain brown box, surely for such an auspicious occasion it could have been ebony with gold inlay!!!

This kit is going to be produced in limited numbers so order fast to avoid disappointment.

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