Ferrari 308 GTB Entremont from Racing 43 Jean-Claude Andruet 1st at Tour Auto 1981 

by Roger Dutemple

When you open the box of this 1:43 scale kit you can appreciate the good quality of all the components. Good casting of the white metal, many photo-etched parts, soft and smooth tyres, clear vac formed windows.


The instructions sheet shows us by drawing how to built the model but there is not picture of the real car. Other difficulty: the decals on the sheet are too near to each other.
I begin by rubbing down the white metal parts with a very fine wire wool. After applying a coat of filler primer I applied two topcoats of different colours to all the parts.


308_dashboard.jpg (4731 bytes) 308_interior1.jpg (17174 bytes) 308_interior2.jpg (10406 bytes) 308_wheels.jpg (6403 bytes)

I applied the decals to the dashboard. I glued to the chassis the seats, the gear lever, the extinguishers and the dashboard with the steering wheel. I made the safety belts with the photo etched parts and glued them to the seats. I did not forget the map reading light on the dashboard for the co-driver!
After painting the interior of the body in black I glued in the windows which was simple and without problems. Then I applied the decals carefully. I assembled the tyres and wheel rims and glued them under the body. I glued the chassis to the body.


308_body1.jpg (24471 bytes)

308_chassis.jpg (47030 bytes) 308_interior3.jpg (32894 bytes) 308_body2.jpg (29204 bytes) 308_decals_front.jpg (29617 bytes)
308_decals_rear.jpg (30885 bytes) 308_rear.jpg (38472 bytes) 308_front.jpg (45034 bytes) 308_ontheroad.jpg (40508 bytes)

I finished the building of this excellent kit by sticking the front and rear lights and the last photo etched bits on the model.
Then I tried the car on a narrow road !
Take your time in building the kit and the result will be amazing !


308_inthenight.jpg (55828 bytes)