Dallara LM 2002 and Courage Pescarolo

from Provence Moulage, a brief revue

by Peter Radcliffe


Manufacturer: Provence Moulage

Kit number: K1736

Oreca Dallara LMP02 #14/15 LM 2002

Kit number: K1737

Courage Pescarolo #17/18 LM 2002

Scale : 1/43

Provence Moulage has always produced kits that have been aimed at being simple to make for the model maker. At times this has compromised the detail. With these first two LM kits reviewed on the site PM are to be congratulated on maintaining this simple to build ideal but with welcome improvements on both detail and buildability.

The Dallara and Courage feature white metal for the first time, the rear aerofoil and on the Dallara with its central wing support a single Photo-Etch part which folds to form the wing mount. Wings have often been very fragile and warped and this construction should be much more secure

On the Dallara and Courage some of the improvements seen on the special Ferrari 512bb have been carried over to these two kits. Many have complained about the wheels lacking brake details and both the Dallara and Pescarolo Courage feature photo-etch disc and callipers. There are also now photo-etch radiators rather than moulded in resin radiators. The Courage has belt buckles and attachments on the Photo-etch to fit to the moulded on belts or allowing one to make ones own belts, A good bottle of wine is needed for the lead to make the belts! The body shapes appear to be excellent and decals look spot on for colour and quality. Instructions are now the usual A3 size sheet which is a huge improvement over the old instructions we became used to.


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I have just seen the Morgan and PM have very cleverly moulded the wings and main body as separate parts making painting much easier. We will do a more detailed revue in the next issue.