Cadillac LMP from DVA 1/43

by Bob Levy


Father and son team Giovanni and Andrea Dolermo have been producing some of the world's finest handbuilt 1/43 scale models since 1995. Their creations have moved the goalposts in quality, paint finish, and detail in the world of 43rd. After relocating from their base in northern Italy to Whitehall, Maryland, U.S.A., DVA has released their first kit produced in the U.S.A............The Cadillac LMP. If you have seen the built-up version of the DVA Cadillac LMP don't fret as with time and patience you'll be able to construct this handsome beast yourself.


The kit incorporates all the best of 1/43 scale modeling. The attention to detail and finesse are similar to a Renaissance kit with an abundance of high quality photo-etching from the buckles, brakes, wheel locking pins, etc., nothing has been ignored. The resin body casting is equal or superior to a Marsh or a BBR, you get the impression right away that the body is "right on". The resin that is used is also a little more forgiving to work with and not brittle like a BBR. The instructions are very comprehensive including 3D computer generated explosion diagrams, part lists, decal placement guides, etc. And if you should encounter any problems during the build or you feel you might be missing a part you can contact Andrea Dolermo at:  as he will be more than happy to assist you.

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Also if you're wondering how are you going to get that perfect paint finish that DVA is known for fear not as the kits are also available pre-painted. This could work out to be a real bargain as the factory Cadillac's are painted with the same exact paint that's used on the real cars, that's $750 a gallon GM Argentium lacquer, each body receives 12 coats!
Andrea tells me the kits are selling well worldwide and here's a scoop......yes this is just the first release in a line of DVA kits the next planned release will be the Ferrari 250P. You heard it first on Amazing 43, stay tuned !!

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