Fiat Punto from Racing 43

by Rodney Rawlings



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 Manufacturer: Racing 43

Fiat Punto Kit Car Presentation 2000
Kit number R.K.294

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When Peter asked me if I would like to build and comment on a Racing 43 kit I was quite keen until I discovered it was a Fiat Punto rally car. A rally car?

You see, I am more used to building what I am interested in, sports racing cars and Ferraris. Don't get me wrong; I think rallying is a great sport and the drivers amongst the best in the motor sport world.

Anyhow, always up for a challenge I agreed. My first impression was that the casting for a metal kit was really quite good. Very little preparation to do, a small amount of filing and a rub down with some very fine wire wool and it was ready to apply a coat of filler primer, a rub down with some metal polish, a coat of primer and finally two top coats. Next I applied the decals, which snuggled down well, even without the use of Microsol.

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When the decals were good and dry I gave the whole lot a couple of coats of acrylic lacquer. This procedure is up to debate, but I like to seal the decals with lacquer and if you are one of the builders who do not like a very glossy model, you can always give the end result another rub down with metal polish. This will provide a good natural finish.

The same preparation procedure was used for the chassis. After painting I fitted the small interior components. The photo-etched bits supplied are really excellent. Very fine and detailed. The gear lever assembly was exceptionally good.


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The vac formed windows were clear and fitted well. The tyres were well made and look the part on the rims.

To sum up I can recommend this particular kit to any rally fan and if my previous experience of Racing 43 is anything to go by I would imagine their range to be easily made and pleasing to own.

I think also it is worth a mention that I had reason to ask Racing 43 to supply me with a replacement decal set for another kit (my fault not theirs), and it arrived in a couple of weeks with their latest product information. Not bad eh? Perhaps some other kit makers might learn that for us builder/collectors a good replacement parts service is a must. We all make mistakes from time to time as well as finding parts missing.


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