Ferrari 250TR 1957 1/24th

by  Chris Webb


Inspiration for this model came from a photo found on the Internet. I did not want to paint it the same old red or yellow as so many of these cars are.


The kit...

This kit is meant to build the white with blue stripes #22 car that ran at Le Mans in 1958. Body, chassis, seats and interior are resin while the exhaust and interior framework are white metal. Photo-etched parts include the windshield frame, steering wheel, shift gate, bonnet straps, grille, etc. A beautiful set of wire wheels are supplied, but no brakes! Being that these cars still had drum brakes, I used some wheel backing plates from my spares box. The steering wheel has separate brass rim halves. 

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The windshield frame must be formed to the shape of the cowl, with the ears bent to the angle of the vacform. This was much easier in this larger scale than it was on a 1/43rd Le Phoenix kit I did a while back! 

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The body required an extensive amount of cleanup before any primer could be applied. The entire hood and trunk lid needed to be block sanded to remove ripples in the resin. Duplicolor Radiant silver was used for the base color with Currant Red metallic stripe. 

09.jpg.jpg (29814 bytes)

Vinyl striping tape was used to mask off the stripe. The interior was painted with high heat aluminum paint. It contains powdered aluminum and gives an authentic look.

The main downfall of this kit is the seats. The seat backs are much too thick and do not conform to the rear bulkhead. Much sanding was needed to get them to fit. They are also too short when compared to photos of the actual cars. I wasn't sure exactly how to fix this problem, so I decided to ignore it. 

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I wanted to build this car as one you might see at a historic race event such as Monterey or Goodwood so safety equipment was added to the interior. The safety harness is a photo-etched set by Detail Master. Shortening a turned aluminum nitrous bottle, also from Detail Master, made the fire extinguisher.

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I found the hose in a detail set for a model railroad. The strap is made from aluminum duct tape. It's much thicker than Bare Metal foil.


This kit required a tremendous amount of sanding, test fitting, sanding some more….. But the final results were acceptable. Clear lacquer was used to blend the two colors together, but none was used over the decals, which came from my spares box. The license plate was made with dry transfers from Shabo. 


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I have another one of these kits to build and this time I want to correct the height of the seatbacks. If anyone has suggestions on how this could best be done, or if you know where I can find some replacements, please email me.