The Provence Moulage EXP8

"photographic report"

Peter Radcliffe


This is the first available kit of the EXP8 GTP that competed so successfully at Le Mans 2001 finishing 3rd behind its sister open Audi R8R LMP's. The rain perhaps aided the result of this new three-year project, as wet races are invariably kinder to mechanical components. Even without the rain the car had shown that it was hugely competitive particularly during the May test weekend. It was strangely slower during practice for the race leading to journalistic speculation that the engines supplied by Audi were not quite the same as those used in the test. Perhaps the speed of the EXP8 shown in May was a threat to Audi's hopes of a second Le Mans win?

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The kit is a typical Provence Moulage kit and for the purposes of this feature built with an eye on the clock rather than care. Despite this the end results are I think you will agree very pleasing. The photographs show the basic kit parts and then the kit at several stages, primer, base coat colour, base coat plus decals and then finally after a very thin coat of lacquer


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Finished model

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