Building a kit is easy and fun!

Step by step

by  Roger Dutemple



A Porsche 907 C was committed by the Swiss Wicky Racing Team at Le Mans race on 1970. Drivers were Wicky and Hanrioud. They retired after 17 hours of race because of an accident.

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The AXEL'R kit reproduces this car. It is a painted kit which means the body shell is painted in the true colour in polyurethane paint. In the box you will find parts in resin, white-metal, rubber, clear plastic,
decals sheet and instructions with pictures.

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Glue with cyano-acrilate glue seats, gear level, dashboard, steering wheel on the chassis.

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Paint in semi-gloss black all those parts, then put decals on dashboard.

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Paint in semi-gloss black bottom of wheels.

D.jpg (42206 bytes)

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On body shell, front, side holes, windscreen surround, inside of front lights, inside of body shell.

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At the rear, paint in silver rear bonnet fastenings, in beige fan.

G.jpg (42297 bytes)

At the front, paint in red the rim of front lights, in orange front indicators.

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Gather wheel rims and tyres.

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Cut and glue windows. Glue wheels on axles and under the body shell.

J.jpg (41481 bytes)

Screw together the chassis and the body shell.. glue headlights and caps. glue nuts on wheels.

K.jpg (41163 bytes)

Cut out and then glue the headlamp cowls. Glue the windscreen wiper ( on picture it is not painted but you must paint it in semi-gloss black)

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Apply decals as shown on the pictures of instructions.


Take your time building the kit and the result will be amazing !